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KS Part Color Item No.
Cafe Rod and Components
Café Rod
White 6016-25 20/Bundle
Cut to size café rod 1/2" diameter, aluminum extrusions with a white powder coat finish and a wall thickness of 0.40. Ideal for sheers with a sash or pocket. Can be used in high humidity areas like kitchens, bathrooms and even outside.
Ball Bracket
Ball Bracket
White 6101-25 50/Box
Use Ball Bracket as end brackets on doors, trimmings, etc.
Mount Socket
Inside Mount Socket
White 6102-25 50/Box
Use Inside Mount Socket for inside mounting.
Center Support
Center Support
White 6103-25 50/Box
For rod lengths over 4' we suggest using the Center Support.
All brackets have a 1" extension.
Available in White.
Note: the café rod can also be curved with our Compact Bending Tool (5002-00) to form Sunburst rods.
Drapery Rings
Drapery Ring
White 6104-25 Packing: 200/Bag
Plastic white drapery ring with 5/8" ID for use with Café rod 1/2" OD.
Available in White.

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