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Assembly Information

The KS System is well known for its quick time-saving assembly, and simple installation. Here are some guide lines to make it even easier.

1. Cut the size track needed (use the KS Cutting Tool 5050-00 for precise cutting)
2. Place 1 endstop (any one of our endstops will work) on 1 side of the track to prevent carriers from sliding off while loading the carriers.
A. For pinch pleat use Carrier 2001-**. These carriers come 10 on a handy breakaway strip. Slide the whole strip into the track using approx. 4 carriers p/ft. After loading enough carriers, simply break off the strip and you are done. Make sure that if you use a master carrier(s) to include that in your carrier count.
B. For cubicle curtains use Carrier w/metal hook 2201-** or Breakaway Carrier. Use approx. 2.5 carrier p/ft. Slide as many carriers in as needed; masters are mostly not used.
C. For specialty pleating tape use Shirrtape Carrier 2201-**. Use approx. 5 carriers p/ft. Hook the carriers to your treatment and after installation of the track "klick" or slide the carriers onto the track.
D. For Accordiafold or Stackpleat use the Snap Carrier 2004-**. Use approx. 5 carriers p/ft and use with master carriers 2525-** & 2526-** (or 2527-25 & 2528-25) in conjunction with the small stiffener.
E. For Ripplefold or Rollpleat use the Connected Snap Carrier 2100-25 for 100% fullness, 5.2 carriers p/ft. Use with master carriers 94158 & 94159 from Kirsch.
3. After loading the track with carriers, place the following brackets on the track before installation: 3001-** Ceiling Bracket - 3201-** & 3202-** Wall Bracket 1-3/8" & 2-3/8" - 3300-** Clips f/Extension Bracket (for use with Extension Brackets). Use enough brackets to hold the weight of your draperies. Brackets need to be place it between 24" & 36" depending on weight of the treatment and start spacing no further then 3-5" from each track end.
4. Place the 2nd endstop, and the track is ready for installation.


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