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Installation Application

The KS System is the most versatile drapery track system in the market available today- using one single track for all applications- making huge inventories a thing of the past.

The KS System can do:
1. Pinch pleat treatments: use the 2001-** "klick" in Carrier. The carriers are flush with the front of the track eliminating tilting of the pleats and dragging of the fabric.
2. Roman - Austrian and all specialty pleats using automatic pleating tapes. Use the 2002-** "klick" in Shirrtape Carrier. It hooks onto the pleating tape and works as a carrier and hook in one. Ideal for top treatments or sheers.


Accordiafold - Stackpleat, use the 2004-** Snap Carrier and sew-on snaptape using 7-1/2" - 8-1/2" - 10" spacing tape. Ideal for hospitals - nursing homes and hospitality industry.


Ripplefold - Rollpleat, use the 2100-25 Connected Snap Carrier. They come in 60% fullness 2-5/8" OC - 80% fullness 2-3/8" OC - 100% fullness 2-1/8" OC - 120% 1-7/8"OC. Mostly used for commercial applications.


Cubicle curtains, use 2201-** Carrier w/metal hook or 2202-25 Breakaway Carrier. Ideal for hospitals - nursing homes. The 2201-25 can be used in mental institutions and high-risk facilities.

Of course, there are countless applications for the KS System. Use your creativity and imagination.
Send us a picture of your most challenging KS treatment, and we will include it on this page with your name mentioned.

Who is going to take the challenge?


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