Quality Assurance/Quality Control


Quality Policy:


It is the policy of Georgia Blind Company to clearly define and meet quality requirements throughout all activities and to actively promote continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. Our quality objectives are as follows:


-To consistently achieve compliance with all contractual and environmental requirements

-To actively stimulate and encourage the ongoing motivation of all our personnel to improve the quality of our services

-To implement procedures and provisions throughout the organization consistent with Government quality standards

-To continually evaluate the quality system, seeking further improvements through regular assessment and review


Our policy is put into effect through a formal Quality Control Program. The system takes in to account the requirements of the U. S. Army and the Army Corps of Engineers Quality Control standards along with all requirements as set forth by OSHA. All of our QC Managers, Tier One Subcontractors and crew leaders have completed the OSHA training course for Construction Quality Management for Contractors.


System Management

Georgia Blind Company’s commitment to quality is demonstrated amongst others by its’ appointment of a QC Manager who reports directly to the President. Overall management of the system is the responsibility of the QC Manager. The Quality Control Manager oversees the thorough inspection of every project or job order every day and ensures that proper quality control instruction is given and followed. The Quality Control Manager answers to the contract manager and/or project manager only in matters of daily logistics, but the quality control program has its ultimate source of authority at the Tyrone, Georgia office. In this way, quality control remains the highest priority and will not suffer as a result of other project concerns. It also provides the Quality Control Manager with the ultimate autonomy to make decisions solely with regard to quality. 


By requiring our Quality Control Manager to report to our home office, we feel we have made a betterment to the overall quality of the projects under this contract. The Quality Control Manager reports directly to the Georgia Blind Company’s CEO, who will arbitrate any quality issues between on-site management personnel. This separate, executive source for quality control ensures the Quality Control Manager has the necessary responsibility, authority, objectivity, and autonomy to address any quality problem. Because the Quality Control Manager is working under the authority of our home office and the CEO, he has complete discretionary authority to stop work in progress, redirect construction activites, reject defective materials, and to demand the correction of any type of substandard fabrication or activity. Furthermore, the Quality Control Manager is instructed and required to enforce such actions, even though the project manager may be under pressure to expedite project completion and control construction costs. Through this betterment to the reporting lines of authority, we feel we are able to provide projects and delivery orders that exactly meet your specification standards while maintaining the highest levels of quality.


The responsibilities of our quality control inspection personnel also include scheduling their efforts to ensure that inspections are completed and documented in a timely manner. The Quality Control Manager will ensure that the contracting office is always notified in advance of our inspections and will invite your inspectors to observe, participate, or advise in those inspections. Quality control is one of our highest priorities and it is the responsibility of the Quality Control Manager to ensure that quality control inspections are implemented on every delivery order and that quality control education is provided to each of our employees and subcontractors. The Quality Control Manager will also respond to engineering and contracting issues as well as perform trend analysis and whenever necessary, initiate corrective action. In addition to the daily inspection of work sites, the Quality Control Manager will insist that certain pre-set milestones (definable features of work) have quality control approval before the project can advance. These milestones are defined as structural, mechanical, electrical, or otherwise complex or critical project elements.


The Prime Contractor will be notified by the Georgia Blind Company Quality Control Manager when milestone quality inspections are to take place. Representatives from the Government will always be invited to participate in any milestone inspection. Our Quality Control Manager and Shellis Roofing’s quality inspectors will use available time each day to make random, unscheduled inspections of project sites. This extra check will help reinforce proper work procedures by enabling our quality control staff to view work in progress, without prior notice. The results of these random sampling inspections will be recorded on the daily quality control forms and kept on file in Georgia Blind Company’s on-site project office. Our quality control plan is designed to prevent problems and/or catch problems prior to project completion. This has virtually eliminated punch list items at our contract sites. However, if any items are found upon final inspection, we will take immediate action to correct all punch list items as soon as possible. A report will then be submitted to the Project Superintendent, detailing the correction of each item. 


Quality Control Manager:

-The Control Manager, will have the authority to speak for Georgia Blind Company in dealing with the USACE, Prime Contractor and subcontractors on quality issues

-Will direct and expedite the Quality Control Program

-Will be involved early in the Preconstruction Phase and the establishment of all Quality Control requirements and standards

-Implement and manage the QC program during construction

-Meet with the Contracting Officer regarding the QC requirements 

-Attend the Coordination and Mutual Understanding Meeting

-Conduct QC Meetings 

-Ensure that required testing is performed as specified in the contract 

-Manage, coordinate and perform the Three Phases of Control

-Maintain a Quality Control Checklist for definable features of work

-Will direct and expedite the Quality Control Program

-Authority to shut the job down if quality standards are not being met

-Assisting project management with the preparation of the Project Quality Control Plans

-Auditing system elements both at the corporate office and throughout the company’s operations

-Inspection and approval of subcontractors and suppliers as required by project management

-Carry out quality and audit training

-Ensure that the company’s quality system is fully implemented, maintains the drive towards continual improve and meets the requirements of the USACE

-Maintain the Rework Items List 

-Removal and replacement of work which is non-conforming.



This contract will have a Project Quality Control Plan, which outlines the quality assurance, control and management systems for the Trainee Barracks Upgrade project. Direct control of quality is by means of written procedures and method statements, and the use of inspection/test approval work sheets. A member of the project team is appointed as the Project QC Manager with specific responsibilities for ensuring the correct implementation of the quality control activities to ensure the quality standards are maintained. Control of the system is by means of a series of planned and systematic audits and regular surveillance.


Georgia Blind Company is 100% committed to Total Quality Assurance for this project. Our goal is to completely satisfy the Army’s requirements by meeting or exceeding all project specifications and complying with all Environmental Laws and Regulations. We welcome the opportunity to be recognized for the quality of services we provide. We customarily utilize an ACOE standard type format to ensure we achieve customer satisfaction by facilitating conformity at all stages of the project-from design through construction. Our Quality Control Program will be written in full compliance with the requirements of the Army and the Army Corps of Engineers. We will develop a Master Quality Control Plan for the Trainee Barracks Upgrade project, which will address the specific methods and manpower required providing effective quality control. These Quality Control Plans will define the work that will be done, explain how it should be done, who will perform the work, what authority will be responsible to inspect the work and which documents and records must be used to carry out the work. The following Quality Management Principals will be incorporated into our plan:


1. Support Quality

Promote the need to meet customer requirements

Promote the need to meet regulatory requirements

Promote the need to meet statutory requirements

Promote the need to meet construction requirements


2. Satisfy Your Customers Needs

Identify all customer requirements

Meet or exceed all customer requirements

Enhance customer satisfaction


3. Control Your Quality System

Clarify responsibilities and authorities

Communicate responsibilities and authorities

Appoint a Quality Control Manager

Ensure internal communication procedures are established

Ensure that communication occurs throughout the organization


4. Perform Management Reviews

Perform quality audits to evaluate the QC system

Examine material conformity data

Examine opportunities to improve

Examine feedback from customers

Examine corrective and preventive actions

Generate actions to improve the QC system



Inspection Procedures and Methods:


A. Preparatory Phase.

Prior to the commencement of work on each definable feature of work performed on this project, the QC System Manager will conduct the preparatory phase of the Quality Control System. 


The preparatory phase will include a review of the contract plans and specifications to include each paragraph of the applicable specifications and a review of shop drawings and all other submittal data that apply to the products being installed to assure these products meet the requirements of the specifications. In the event that materials to be installed require specific tests, prior to the installation of the new work, it shall be the responsibility of the QC System Manager to assure these tests have been completed and that the results of these tests have been submitted and approved. A review will be performed to identify all control inspection requirements and that provisions have been made to accomplish the required tests. The "Deficiency Suspense Log", shall be reviewed to ensure that there are no deficiencies which have not been corrected, affecting previously installed work, upon which the new work will be placed or conceal. The work site shall be inspected to assure that all previously installed work, required prior to the commencement of the new work, has been completed and that it is in conformance with the plans and specifications.


The QC System Manager shall be responsible for performing a physical examination of the required materials, equipment, and sample work (if required) to assure that they are on hand, that the products conform to approved shop drawings or submittal data, and that the materials are properly stored so as to prevent any degradation of the product. Incoming government supplied tarps will be checked per our approved quality assurance/quality control plan for proper mil thickness, proper roll size and physical damage. Any non-conforming tarps will be clearly marked and segregated so as not to be used inadvertently in the field. It shall be determined at this time if the required materials present any safety hazards to personnel as part of the activity hazard analysis. Consideration shall also be given to the activity itself to determine if additional safety requirements of the contract need to be included in the discussion of procedures for the construction of the work.


Upon a minimum 48 hour advance notice to the Owner’s Representative the QC System Manager shall conduct a meeting to be attended by the superintendent, other QC personnel (as applicable), and the foreman responsible for the definable feature of work. It shall be the purpose of this meeting to discuss the procedures for constructing the work to include a discussion of deficiencies which may have been observed on previously performed similar activities, as well as deficiencies commonly known to potentially occur in the crafts involved. It shall be a part of this meeting to outline and document the acceptable construction tolerances and workmanship standards for the phase of work.


B. Initial Phase.

Upon 48 hours notice to the Owner’s Representative and at the commencement of each definable feature of work the QC System Manager shall be responsible for the initial phase of the Contractor Quality Control System.


Included under the initial phase shall be a check of the preliminary work to ensure that it is in compliance with the contract requirements. At this time, review the minutes of the preparatory meeting.


An initial inspection shall be performed as soon as a representative segment of the definable feature of work has been accomplished. This inspection shall occur prior to concealing any portion of the work. The initial inspection shall include performance of any scheduled tests, examination of the quality of workmanship, a review for omissions or dimensional errors, and approval or rejection of the initial segment of the work. In the event that the work is not being performed in a satisfactory manner, all differences shall be resolved so as to ensure the work being performed is in accordance with the plans and specifications.


During the initial inspection, safety practices shall be observed to ensure that the activities are in compliance with the specification requirements and the contract safety manual. Consideration shall be given during this review for possible requirements to upgrading of the safety plan. A review of the activity hazard analysis should be performed with each worker.


The results of the initial phase, noting the exact location of inspection, shall be recorded on the "Initial Inspection Checklist" which shall be attached to the QC Daily Report.


In the event that a new crew is assigned to the task or the specified quality standards are not being met, the initial inspection phase shall be repeated.


C. Follow-up Phase.

Follow up inspections shall be performed on a daily basis or more frequently, if required, and shall include continued testing and examinations to ensure continued compliance with the contract requirements. Final follow up checks shall be conducted and all deficiencies shall be corrected prior to the start of additional features of work that may be affected by the deficient work. The results of the follow-up phase shall be recorded on the "Final Inspection of Work to be Covered or Concealed" which shall be attached to the QC Daily Report.