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We are also very proud to announce we carry the ingenious products by Worldscreen.  They've designed and developed a roller shade solution to cover vastly wider window opening with a single fabric panel than any other vendor. 

It used to be we either had to use substantially larger roller tubes or couple numerous shade together on these wider shades to control deflection.  Think of deflection as nothing more than the tube sagging under it's own and that of the fabric's weight.  Too much deflection, and the fabric won't hang flat.  That condition is immediately recognized as waves in the fabric, often described as "smiling". 

Although it's not a happy circumstance; we typically try to avoid it.  Larger roller tubes, although work, add cost and more importantly, increase the size of the rollup diameter of the shade system.  You get to a point that it's just plain impractical.

Worldscreen has developed a cassette system whereby the roller tube is of a conventional size, the primary difference though is it's supported across it's entire width and not just the ends.  It is possible to fabricate a shade using a single fabric panel in dimensions up to 40' wide and 30' tall! 

Their website is a little difficult to navigate, but if you'll click on their logo, it'll take you to the technical specifications page of their unique shading solutions.  Note, you may have to temporarily disable popups.

As with most of these more complex shade systems, please consult with me for assistance for your specific design.