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Qmotion is our newest and most exciting vendor.  Many times we're been asked to provide motorized shade option in existing facilities.  However, the rough electrical costs post construction were prohibitive.  Qmotion has designed and developed a motorized shade product that provides a solution to this problem; it's called their Qadvanced shade. 

This product incorporates all the benefits of today's solar and blackout shading systems with a battery powered motor.  Ok, I know what you're thinking, it's limited to small shades, or it's weak, or I'll be changing batteries all the time; it's not like that.  This is a revolutionary system.

First, the batteries.  They're ordinary D-cell alkaline batteries you purchase anywhere.

Second, the motor is paired with a spring that assists the motor.  This precisely balanced spring, therefore, makes it nearly effortless for the motor.  The net result is it has to perform very little work; the batteries typically last five years.

Third, no need for pulling wires for either power or control.  Each shade may be operated by a number of means; either wirelessly via a remote control or iOS device or simply tugging on the hembar. 

Forth, they're available with most of the fabrics by Phifer and Mermet commonly used on roller shades.

Fifth, you have any number of hardware options such as fascia, side and sill channel.  Additionally, you may utilize single or dual roller shade systems to provide the ultimate in light, glare and heat gain control and/or security or privacy depending upon your particular circumstances.

Sixth, Qmotion is located in Pensacola.  You may have the satisfaction knowing your purchasing and supporting a local, American company.

I encourage you to visit their website for more details.  Click on the logo to open another browser window; you may have to temporarily disable pop ups.

Qmotion logo