Bali® Customiser one inch horizontal miniblind:

High quality one inch horizontal aluminum window covering for commercial applications.

 Key Features:

  • Advanced Finishing Technology

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Headrail: 1" high x 1 " wide

  • Nominal .006" louver thickness

  • 22.5 mm ladder spacing


Product Overview:

The Bali Customiser miniblind offers many of the attributes and features of the Classics miniblind , but at a reduced cost.  The Customiser is available in the most popular commercial colors and is available with options that are often required in commercial applications.

Product Specifications:







 Product Specifications:

Bali® Customiser One Inch Blind
Manufactured by Springs Industries
 B. Lifetime Warranty
 C. Materials:

Headrail: Measures 1" high by 1" deep.  Headrail design to include rolled edges at top, light blocking lip at the lower back side and a curved headrail face similar to the crown of a 1" slat.  Headrail is phosphate-treated steel and is finished with a vinyl primer and topcoat of polyester-baked enamel and shall measure 0.025" thick.

Is a worm and gear design in a fully enclosed housing.  Design incorporates a clutch mechanism to eliminate damage due to over tilting.

Tilt Wand:
Solid, transparent with a hexagonal cross section .250" across points.

Cord Lock:
Is a snap-in design with stainless steel wear guard and a floating locking pin and is crash proof.


Drums & Cradles:
Are low friction thermoplastic with smooth hole edges to position ladders.

Installation Brackets:
Are treated steel with vinyl primer and polyester-baked enamel finish coat to match headrail.  The design incorporates a rivet-hinged safety locking front cover.  Intermediate support brackets supplied for blinds over 48".

Ladders (slat supports):
Braided ladder with adequate overlap of slats; standard spacing is 21.5 mm, optional 20 mm and 22.5 spacing is also available.

Made of USA manufactured cold rolled aluminum alloy.  Slats are nominally 1" wide and available in standard 0.006" thickness or optional .008".  Slats are finished with a polyester-baked enamel with a durable antistatic, antimicrobial paint finish.

Enclosed tubular shade, .025" thick phosphate treated steel with prime coat of vinyl primer and finish coat of polyester baked enamel matching headrail and coordinating slat color.  Bottomrail shall be roll-formed with locking grove to receive dust cover.

a.  Slat material - .008" gauge aluminum
b.  Perforated slat - 6% open
c.  Cord lock - top lock
d.  Tilt option - tilt limiter
e.  Turn clips - for extruded pocket installations
  • Click here for printable pdf file.
  • Click here for MS Word 3 part Specification

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