Riviera® DustGuard 1 3/8 Inch Blind:

Top quality 1 3/8 inch horizontal aluminum window covering for commercial applications.

Key Features:

  • DustGuard
  • Headrail: 1" High x 1 9/16" Wide
  • Nominal .0090" Slat Thickness
  • 11 Slats Per Foot
  • Guardian Tilter Disengaging Clutch Mechanism
  • Lifetime Warranty


Product Overview:

The Riviera DustGuard 1-3/8" Blind represents Levolor’s top quality horizontal blind backed by the Forever Never Worry™ Warranty. The Riviera DustGuard 1-3/8" Blind combines the highest quality components with the wider slats providing a blind designed for a scaled contemporary look offering greater definition for larger windows.

The DustGuard feature is a permanent paint process that disrupts the natural static attraction of dust particles to the slat. By removing the primary reason
blinds attract dust, a 50-70 percent reduction in accumulation can be achieved. Less dust means less maintenance and a cleaner, more professional appearance. The nominal .0090" thick slats are made of high grade magnesium aluminum alloy which provides superior strength and resiliency, guaranteeing a quality look for the life of the blind. As the industry leader, the Riviera DustGuard 1-3/8" Blind’s 11 slats per foot insure tight closure and superior light control. The exclusive Guardian Tilter disengaging clutch mechanism eliminates over rotation of the tilt wand and protects the tilt mechanism against breakage. This key feature eliminates the problem of the slats being locked in a permanent position preventing further opening or closing of the blind.

The Riviera DustGuard 1-3/8" Blind is offered in a wide array of popular colors. Special options include the Top-Lok® Cord Lock, which holds the blind completely up or down for a consistent look across all windows.

Product Specifications:




Product Specifications:

A. Riviera DustGuard I 3/8" Blind
Manufactured by Levolor Home Fashions
B. Lifetime Warranty
C. Materials:

Headrail: .025" thick Tomized steel, U-shaped, I" high x I '/16" wide. All hardware enclosed in the headrail.

Guardian Tilter: .042" thick Tomized steel housing with a self-lubricating nylon, automatically disengaging worm and gear mechanism to eliminate overdrive.

Tilt Wand: Solid, transparent with a hexagonal cross-section 5/16" across flats.

Cord Lock: .042" thick Tomized steel. Crashproof.

Drums & Cradles: Provided with each ladder. Drums are .031" thick Tomized steel. Cradles are .042" thick Tomized steel.

Installation Brackets: .048" thick Tomized steel with a rivet-hinged safety locking front cover to permit removal of headrail without lateral movements.

Ladders (slat supports): Distance between slats does not exceed 27.5 mm (nominally I I slats per vertical foot).

Slats: 5000 series magnesium aluminum alloy which includes recycled aluminum materials. Slats are nominally 1-3/8" wide and the thickness of the slats is nominally .0090". Coating includes DustGuard, a patent-pending paint process which disrupts the natural static attraction of airborne dust particles, reducing dust build-up on the slat 50% to 70%. (Note: certain Mark I finishes may not be available with the DustGuard feature. Please confirm selection with DustGuard color list.)

Slat Design (select one):
a. Unperforated
b. Pinlight Magic - slats are perforated with a pattern of randomly spaced .039" diameter holes, nominally 13 per inch of slat length. Slats have an openness factor of 1 .5%.

Bottomrail: .025" thick Tomized steel.

a. Top-Lok Cord Lock
b. Restrictive Cam Tilter
c. Special Installation Brackets

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