Measuring Instructions for Horizontal Blinds:


INSIDE MOUNT:  Hang INSIDE the window frame and cover the window exactly.

Minimum depth requirements for inside mount: Horizontals " or 1 " for flush mount.

Measure EXACT width of the window opening at top, center and bottom. Use the narrowest width when ordering. Measure EXACT height of the window opening. Make no deductions. The factory will make the necessary deduction for clearance.

OUTSIDE MOUNT:  Hang OUTSIDE the window opening and cover an area larger than the window itself. Measure the inside width and height of the window and add the recommended overlap to each side, top, and bottom for privacy and light gaps.

If window has Frame (molding), measure the width from outside edge of molding. Measure the height from top edge of molding to the sill, or bottom edge of molding for windows without a sill.


If you have any questions about measuring, please email us at, or contact us at at 770-7BLINDS. We will be happy to answer any questions.