Motorized shades:

Marriott Courtyard, Buckhead:   

Six large (approximately 10' x 20') motorized shades located in the lobby.  Operates with a single wall switch located behind the front desk.


One large motorized shade, (approximately 8' x 16') located in a residence in Douglasville.  The fabric is "E" screen by Mermet, color: Perlé.  "E" screen was selected because it is available in 98" width allowing us to make a shade this size without seams.  Note:  You may only just be able to make out the Infrared eye located just to the right of the headbox.  "E" screen has a 6% OF (openness factor).  It offers good shading characteristics while still offering an exterior view.


Regal Nissan, Roswell:

This project consists of manual and motorized Draper FlexShades, "E" Screen fabric, color: Charcoal grey, 6% openness factor.  The interior view is an example of multiple-panel shades driven by a single motor with an infrared remote control option.